May 2020

Jailsessions Berlin Köpenick


„Is ist possible to be free even when you are locked up?“

Have you thought about such questions during the Corona Crisis 2020? I have. During the lockdown in April and May 2020 I participated in one of the most intense experiments I have done so far. 

It was also the first Experiment i attended with huge limitations and mostly in isolation due to my belonging to a risk group during the pandemic. #Jailsessions is an @arthelps Artexperiment in an old prison in Berlin Köpenick. 66 Artist are being locked in 66 Cells - each one for a session that is streamed via YouTube. Click on the link below to see the double session with two amazing Musicians: Neoclassical Composer Martin Rott and Singer Songwriter Susi Likes Mint. 

I had huge respect before entering the prison for the first time due to its dark and bloody history. In advance I decided to use only certain materials corresponding with the context and I committed myself to a spontaneous and open process trying to respond to the atmosphere in the prison and searching for freedom in the midst of these heavy and dark walls.

Here's a note from my diary on the day after:

"The day after - in the hall of the jail in Berlin Köpenick - reflecting and observing the traces and forms on the linen from the process during my @arthelps_ @jailsessions on 30th April 2020. The linen has about the same dimensions as the prison cell with 1,48*3,97m (a cell of this size originally imprisoned two people). The linen carries, wrinkles, cracks, writing, dust, layers of paint, water, charcoal and traces of movement and string and continues to be in progress. 

It was an intense experience for me to step into a creative process in this prison cell not knowing what would evolve. I encountered the space around me and the space within me in an ambivalent, tight and vulnerable way. It felt like a journey touching aspects of restriction, brokeness, limitation and shame in relation to physicality, the space within & beyond, rituals of restoration and and renewal - pointing to freedom. What remains is an intense resonance, a process that has definitly not come to an end yet and a glimpse of thought where freedom in restriction might be found." 


Photo by Johannes Molzahn; @johannesmoli

February 2019 

Review Taste my World

A culinary & artistic project in Hamburg Eppendorf



Here's a short video review from my culinary and artistic project "Taste my world" in Partnership with Kulturhaus Eppendorf in Hamburg 2018.

Movie by John Mio Mehnert. 

Taste my world was a culinary and artistic project inviting people to explore differences in creative ways. During four Food & Art Happenings, one participatory intervention in public space and a special workshop everyone was invited to share creative processes and yummy discoveries.  



November 2017

Klangfarbe was an Evening with Installation, Organimprovisation, Performance and Live Painting in Hamburg.

It was a collaboration with wonderful Jasmin Zaboli hosted by St. Andreas/ Grindel. 

Photos by Elisabeth Iskandar & Susanna Fricke

It was a huge pleasure to share creative collective experiences during this experimental art happening. 


"Alles wirkliche Leben ist Begegnung." M. Buber



Movie by Elisabeth Iskandar. 


20. August 2018

Taste my world. Finally. 

The Colour Dinner at Kellinhusenspark / Hamburg. 



What a feast- The Colour dinner blew our minds and made us dance ;)

We are still moved by the beautiful encounters at the long table on 14th of July 2018 in Kellinghusenspark! Thank you for your open hearts, plates and this joyful celebration - you made our "One world table feast" truly a feast ☺️🕺🎶










Photo & Slideshow by Mathias Fünfstück

8. August 2018

Taste my world. 

A culinary & artistic project in Hamburg Eppendorf


We are so grateful for many beautiful and tasty encounters during "Taste my world"!

Taste my world was a culinary and artistic project in Summer 2018, inviting people to dive into creative and culinary experiences inspired by different cultural backgrounds. During four tasty Art Happenings accompanied by me they were invited to explore beauty in difference in playful, sensual and experimental ways. 


Attached you will find some Impressions from Happenings I - III


20. July 2017, Prag/ Czech Republic

"DIFFERENCIA"- an open experimental inbetween space at Meziprostor17 Artsfestival !


"There is beauty in difference." was an insight from my work in Tel Aviv which turned out to be my latest inspiration for a work in the Czech Republic.

"Differencia" was an intervention with food and arts I created for the  Meziprostor (Inbetween) Festival in Meziříčko. It was an open experimental space to explore differences and to catch a glimpse of whats  hidden in Diversity.  What a privilege it was to be there and to meet with such a diverse crowd of amazing people!  ❤️

Attached you will find some impressions from this artistic intervention in the Czech Underground which included a Diversitysupper as well as a workshop and a collective  installation to explore differences from artistic perspectives. 

24.May 2017

Kulturstulle no.6 - "Kulinarischer Campus- Wasserwerk" Hamburg Wilhelmsburg


We are terribly happy about the wonderful tour start of "Kulturstulle- our open artsy supper! On 19th may 2017 we started touring Hamburgs hoods in Wilhelmsburg at the beautiful Wasserwerk. Meeting so many amazing and beautiful people was a huge pleasure !



 We're looking forward to more in future times in this beautiful city and beyond....



click the pic to get to the facebookevent
click the pic to get to the facebookevent

5. May 2017

Kulturstulle no.6 on 19th May 2017!


Open Dinner with creative Bites starting it's tour


Bread for the city!

After two years at the Kulturhaus 73 with our friends and supporters Hamburgprojekt we start to move around visiting Hamburgs NeighbourHoods. Spread the word and bread, bring ur Friends and strangers! ;) 


Come, taste and share ... 


Kulturstulle is an open dinner for everybody. 

While eating together you are welcome to share quick "creative bites" such as texts, music, poetry, short films, photography, drawings, performances or other medias.

There is a timeframe of 5 minutes for every creative contribution and a whole evening to enjoy food and nice conversations : )

Everybody is welcome!!!



19.May 2017 19.30h

Kulinarischer Campus – WASSERWERK (Maschinenhaus)

Kurdamm 24

21107 Hamburg

Busstop: "Dratelnstrasse" near Inselpark


Theme of the evening: "Flying and Falling"


 Please bring:


Friends, strangers, some spread for the bread. A creative contribution according to our topic is optional.





13.December 2016

Pinselstrich, Hoffnung und ein Überseekoffer.

Arts double with talk and music.

Lately we had a wonderful evening with Talks, insights & experiments by Sarita and music by Christian Schafferus.

Attached you will find a link to some pictures of the evening captured by Katharina Bree. 

Looking forward to more beautiful encounters inbetween the arts during these last exhibition days. :)



31. October 2016 
"Music has colour. Colour has music."- Colour Jamsession Test

Last week we had a first test evening of an  intermedial Jamsession. It was a huge pleasure, an exciting journey and very inspiring to explore the "inbetween" between music and painting together with other artist!

Below you will find a link to an album with some pictures from this evening...

The first official After work Jamsession is coming up this week: 

3. Nov. 2016, 19h at Haus 73, Studio2/Pop Up Gallery HP, Schulterblatt 73, 20357 Hamburg

25. October 2016 
OPENING - Photos
I had a wonderful Exhibition Opening with many lovely guests and beautiful encounters! 
Attached you can find an album link with some impressions...

8. October 2016
HAPPENINGS happening ...

Catch a glimpse of the Inbetween at these happenings: 



`SHARITY DINNER`- a sensual culinary evening about sharing, 19.NOV. 2016, pls. register

After work COLOUR JAMS 3. & 24.NOV. 2016 19H

INBETWEEN DINNER- artistic dinner about the "Inbetween",  3. DEC. 2016, pls. register

ARTS IMPACT EVE 16.DEC. 2016 19.30H


For more happenings and registration contact:

8. October 2016

INBETWEEN- a living exhibition- coming soon!

Save the date:  22.Oct. 2016,  20.15h - 18.Dec. 2016

This will be a mashup of indian german inspirations, paintings, objects, installation, performance, sensory experience and more...


Inbetween is a living exhibition that changes throughout its duration. You are invited to explore, taste, sense and experience art in different ways.  Step into dialogue with artworks and others, taste and create, chill out and catch a glimpse of the inbetween.

Welcome to the Opening on 22nd of October 2016, 20.15h at Haus 73, Schulterblatt 73, Hamburg. Take the entrance on the left to Studio 2, 3rd Floor. 

Looking forward to see you there!