Sarita Dey is a multidisciplinary artist and communitybuilder based in Germany.

Her work spans various artistic mediums, including painting, installation, performance, videography, and writing and she is known for her cross-media artworks, participatory interventions and art happenings that engage with urban communities globally.


Deys artistic explorations delve into themes of belonging, brokenness and transformation, feminine energy and family history in experimental and innovative ways. She aims to foster meaningful encounters and to change atmospheres through her boundary-pushing creations. In her work she embraces a rich tapestry of diversity and seeks to cultivate community and a deeper understanding for togetherness in different cultural contexts. 


Educationally, Dey pursued Studies of Interior Design in Wismar/ Germany and completed Studies of Arts in Social Transformation in Hamburg/ Germany, graduating in 2016. 


Her works have been exhibited in Europe, Israel, the U.S., Asia, and Africa.


Currently residing and working in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin/ Germany, Dey actively facilitates community among artists and is dedicated to developing strategies that connect creatives across Europe and stimulate change in the art scene.