Join me @ Jailsessions on 30th April 2020

An Experment in A Jail

"One virus & humanity stands still? Is it possible to be free even when locked up?

An art experiment in a jail in Berlin...


Jailsessions writes: "66 artists locked in 66 cells:

musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers, actors.

1 hour in solitary confinement. Surrounded by multiple

cameras, they are all alone for a session in a cell.

They hand over their smartphone and watch at the

entrance to the prison. Live sound and imagery will be

transmitted from the room by the cameras and microphones. We can see them, but they cannot see us."


Join me live together on 30th April 2020 from 5pm EST via #jailsessions Youtube channel. 

For more info see my instagram or www.jailsessions.com


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