New Exhibition!


A Living Exhibition from 1. June - 12. August in Hamburg/Germany



Differencia is a living exhibition inviting visitors to explore differences in experimental ways.

In this Exhibition you will find paintings, mixed media works, ink drawings and participatory works. There will also be live painting performances during the Exhibition time. 

Many of my works have been created in different contexts and phases wandering from country to country. My recent works have been made in resonance to differences in various regions: in the Czech Republic, India, Israel and in different german cities. 

Material from several backgrounds and time periods has been formed into something new.


There is Beauty in difference and a divine glow shimmering in variety and uniqueness.




Vernissage: 1.June 2018, 19h

Jamsession "Music has colour. Colour has music." :  29.June 2018, 19.30h 

Finissage & Talk: 10.August 2018, 19.30h 



Kulturhaus Eppendorf 

Julius Reincke Stieg 13a

20251 Hamburg



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