Happenings/ Art Events

Happenings/ Art Events · 02. May 2018
New Exhibition in Hamburg ahead! Differencia is a living Exhibition about differences with various medias and perspectives. You will find paintings, mixed media works, ink drawings and some participatory works...

Happenings/ Art Events · 06. April 2018
Tasty Happening ahead! My next FoodArt Happening is coming soon. "MASHUP! Culture Clash. Culture Mash." will stir ur senses and invite you to experimental crosscultural encounters ...

Happenings/ Art Events · 26. February 2018
Painting Lounge ahead! Pentatonic Paint & Wine Party Check out my first Art Happening at the "Frankfurter Malschule" in Frankfurt/ Germany! During an atmospheric evening with ambient/ pentatonic music we will explore Abstract Painting in experimental and intuitive ways. Save your spot via: office@frankfurter-malschule.de

Happenings/ Art Events · 20. February 2018
Friends, there is a lot to explore ahead! Check out my upcoming project: "Taste my world"- a culinary and artistic project intending to reveal Beauty in difference and to create room for transcultural encounters. Everybody is welcome! ...

Happenings/ Art Events · 23. November 2017
Klangfarbe was a very special collaboration with wonderful Jasmin Zaboli at St. Andreas/ Hamburg in November 2017. It was a huge pleasure to share creative collective experiences during this experimental art happening.

Happenings/ Art Events · 09. October 2017
Welcome to Jasmin Raschs & Sarita Deys first intermedial Collaboration! KLANGFARBE (TIMBRE) is an experimental Arthappening with Organimprovisation and Livepainting. „KLANGFARBE“ (TIMBRE) Organimprovisation & Paintingperformance Organ: Jasmin Rasch Painting Performance: Sarita Dey Saturday, 18th November 2017, 6PM St. Andreas Kirche Bogenstrasse 30 20144 Hamburg Improvisation.Sounds.Colours. Free Entry. Donations appreciated. www.kirchenmusik-standreas.hamburg www.saritadey.com