Happenings/ Art Events · 01. August 2018
Its almost time to say goodbye. DIFFERENCIA Exhibition is closing soon... come and join us for a final feast with talk on 10th August 2018! DIFFERENCIA is a living Exhibition inviting visitors to explore differences in experimental ways....

Happenings/ Art Events · 07. July 2018
Finally its all about sharing and celebrating together! This feast will bring it on. At our Colour Dinner we are inviting you to share ur favorite meal with others accompanied by music and artsy inspiration from various backgrounds.

Happenings/ Art Events · 25. June 2018
Get ready for our upcoming Jamsession with music and painting! ...

Happenings/ Art Events · 05. June 2018
Get ready for our next Happening "Beauty in difference" at the Exhibition space! Special guest will be engineering draftsman Amin Zaboli from Rascht/ Iran. Together we will dive into creative action with writing, tasting, painting and more guided by Amin and me...

Happenings/ Art Events · 02. May 2018
New Exhibition in Hamburg ahead! Differencia is a living Exhibition about differences with various medias and perspectives. You will find paintings, mixed media works, ink drawings and some participatory works...

Happenings/ Art Events · 06. April 2018
Tasty Happening ahead! My next FoodArt Happening is coming soon. "MASHUP! Culture Clash. Culture Mash." will stir ur senses and invite you to experimental crosscultural encounters ...

Happenings/ Art Events · 26. February 2018
Painting Lounge ahead! Pentatonic Paint & Wine Party Check out my first Art Happening at the "Frankfurter Malschule" in Frankfurt/ Germany! During an atmospheric evening with ambient/ pentatonic music we will explore Abstract Painting in experimental and intuitive ways. Save your spot via: office@frankfurter-malschule.de

Happenings/ Art Events · 20. February 2018
Friends, there is a lot to explore ahead! Check out my upcoming project: "Taste my world"- a culinary and artistic project intending to reveal Beauty in difference and to create room for transcultural encounters. Everybody is welcome! ...

Happenings/ Art Events · 23. November 2017
Klangfarbe was a very special collaboration with wonderful Jasmin Zaboli at St. Andreas/ Hamburg in November 2017. It was a huge pleasure to share creative collective experiences during this experimental art happening.

Happenings/ Art Events · 09. October 2017
Welcome to Jasmin Raschs & Sarita Deys first intermedial Collaboration! KLANGFARBE (TIMBRE) is an experimental Arthappening with Organimprovisation and Livepainting. „KLANGFARBE“ (TIMBRE) Organimprovisation & Paintingperformance Organ: Jasmin Rasch Painting Performance: Sarita Dey Saturday, 18th November 2017, 6PM St. Andreas Kirche Bogenstrasse 30 20144 Hamburg Improvisation.Sounds.Colours. Free Entry. Donations appreciated. www.kirchenmusik-standreas.hamburg www.saritadey.com